Videography Service

Check out our Wedding Videography 'Demo.' 

Our marriage videos are just one of the video services we offer. Contact us to see if we have a videographer available to capture the wedding video that you have always dreamed of. 

Our Wedding Videography packages range in price from $445 to $1995. For pricing for Event Videography, contact us.

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Videography Packages

Wedding videography in Phoenix, Arizona

Ceremony Only

Includes pre-ceremony coverage, entire ceremony and any post ceremony activities at the ceremony location for up to TWO hours. This is a ONE camera shoot.

Reception Only

Includes pre-reception at reception site, all Formal Dances, Toasts, Cake Cutting, Garter and Bouquet, Dancing and 'best wishes' of guests, up to FOUR hours. This is a ONE camera shoot.

Bronze Videography Package

Includes everything in the Ceremony AND Reception packages, Up to SIX hours of coverage. This a TWO camera shoot for the ceremony and ONE camera for the reception.

Gold Videography Package

Includes everything in the Bronze Package, PLUS A SECOND MANNED CAMERA for the entire event. Capture the action from two different angles.        

Platinum Videography Package

Includes everything in the Gold Package, PLUS, your Rehearsal/Rehearsal Dinner videotaped and a THIRD VIDEOGRAPHER at your ceremony.

Videography Ala Carte Items

What is included in the editing of your video?

What is included in the ‘editing’ of the video?

The ‘editing’ process of your video is a very important step in the completion of your video.  During this process (which can be very time consuming) we add music to the appropriate parts of your video, we ‘cut-out’ parts of the video that are unessential to the ‘telling of the story’ of your event, we add transitions between the different scenes of your video, to give a nice flow to the video and we add a title page and chapter points to give your finished video the look of a TV show or movie

Extra Copies of Video on DVD or flash drive

You get THREE copies of your finished video with ALL of our Videotaping packages, however, you may need extra copies for relatives or Wedding Party members.  Additional copies are JUST $10 each and they can be ordered up to a year AFTER your event

Wedding Highlights Video

You love your full-length wedding video but you want to have a condensed version of just the important stuff for those who couldn’t attend, so they can watch the important parts of your wedding video in 10-15 minutes instead of having to watch the full length version.  It’s like watching SportsCenter to see all the homeruns without having to watch the entire game.

Original Footage

Our video editors have many years experience deciding what footage should be left in and what should be taken out.  Often times, there is three to four hours of footage that an editor has to look through and decide what is the most important shots that tell the ‘best story’ of your event that should be included in the final edit.  However, you may want to see everything that was shot but may not have been good enough or of enough significance to make the final edit of your video,  With our Original Footage  option we can transfer ALL of the footage, that was shot, onto DVDs or flash drives so you can see EVERYTHING that was shot by our videographer(s).